EE mobile Review – Are they Worth it?

If you are thinking about a EE Mobile contract or Pay as you go. Take a look at our article to find out some essential information to help you decided on your choice.


  • Pay monthly SIM only deals
  • Data sharing
  • Pay monthly phones
  • Pay as you go
  • Buy a Pay as you go phone and Pay as you go Pack
  • Top up
  • Keep my number
  • SIM swap
  • EE Network coverage checker
  • EE Customer service number
  • Customer rating
  • Conclusion
  • Our ratings

Pay monthly SIM only deals

EE Mobile offers monthly SIM only contracts a number of contracts lengths. You can get 24 months, 18 months or 12 months contracts.

Here is a selection of their SIM deals.

Get DealPriceDataMinutes and TextContract
Get Deal£151GBUnlimited24 months
Get Deal£24150GBUnlimited24 months
Get Deal£28UnlimitedUnlimited24 months

Check all the EE monthly SIM only plans here: Pay monthly plans.

Data sharing

If members of your family are on EE Mobile as well, you can share your data with them.

Pay monthly phones

If you are looking for a Pay monthly phone on a contact, then EE Mobile has the latest selectin of phones for you to choose from.

Here are a section of phones available on a monthly plan.

Get DealPhoneMonthlyDataMinutes / TextUp front cost
Get DealiPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB£77UnlimitedUnlimited£50
Get DealSamsung S22 128GB£47128GBUnlimited£30
Get DealGoogle Pixel 6a

Check out all pay monthly phones, here: EE Pay Monthly Phones.

Pay as you go

EE Mobile offers Pay as you go whereby you can buy a Pack to top up. You can get a free SIM and top it up later or buy a pre-loaded SIM card.

The cheapest Pack starts at £10 for 10GB, 500 minutes and Unlimited text. Check out all the Pay as you go Packs and order a SIM card, here: Pay as you go.

Buy a Pay as you go phone and Pay as you go Pack

If you need a mobile phone as well as a Pay as you go SIM card. You are able to buy a Pay as you go phone and a Top UP Pack. 

Check out the phones and Pay as you go SIM, here: Pay as you go phones.

Top up

Here are ways you can top up your Pay as you go SIM:
1) Set up a direct payment in your EE account. This will renew your Pack automatically.
2) You can register your credit or debit card, and top up by text.
3) You can call 150 from your EE phone and top up by card or E-top up vouchers.
4) If you got a Top Up card with you Pack, you can top up at retailers.
For more information on EE top up, go here: EE Top UP.

Keep my number

EE enables you to keep your number. You will need your PAC code. You can get more information, here: Keep my number.

EE Network coverage checker

EE mobile covers 99% of the UK population and 90% of cities, towns and rural areas in the UK. Check EE coverage, here: EE Mobile Coverage Checker.

EE Customer service number

Call EE customer service on 0800 956 6000.

Customer rating

On Trustpiolt, EE customer rating is 2.4 stars, out of 5 Stars, which is rated as ‘Poor’ .


EE Mobile provides a rang of Pay monthly SIM contracts as well as Pay monthly phones and Pay as you go. So they give you a number of options. They have their own mobile network infrastructure and cover 99% of the UK population.

They do only score 2.4 for customer service on Trustpilot, so can improve on that.

Are they worth it?

Well, EE’s coverage is excellent. And, they claim to be Britain’s best Network. They certainly are excellent but they would defiantly be in contention to be the best if their prices were somewhat lower.

EE Mobile is well established as a phone network provider and has a large customer base of people on their contracts and Pay as you go. They are quality but expensive as well.

In our opinion, we feel they should be more competitive in their pricing. However, overall, if you don’t mind paying extra for quality, then they are worth it.

Our ratings

We give EE Mobile: 4.5/5

EE Shop

Go to EE Mobile Shop here: EE Mobile Shop.

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