Help With Energy Bills

We look at how you can get help paying for your energy.


Where to get help with paying for your energy bill

In the event that you are experiencing problems paying your energy bills, there are various support and facilities accessible to assist with energy bills.

Contact Your Energy Supplier

The initial place to begin is to contact your energy provider. They will try to assist you with finding out a way for you to pay your bill. They are obliged by regulations to do this. They need to provide a few options on how to pay your bill. Thy cannot just stop your energy supply. Here are a few suggestions they could make to you:

Regular scheduled payments

They could add a percentage of your debt on future payments to enable you to pay back what you owe. You will have to make regular scheduled payments.

Prepaid meter

They could also propose or advise you to go onto a prepaid meter. With a prepaid meter, you can pay for your energy with a Card or Key, that they will supply. You need to top up the Card or Key like a pay as you go phone for the prepaid meter. They will take a percentage of the money you top up to pay towards your debt. For instance, if you topped up £10, they could take £3 of it to pay towards your existing debt.

Funds and support from from energy suppliers

Some energy providers have grants to assist with energy bills for customers. Customers can apply for it in the event they are struggling to pay their energy bills. British Gas allows people who are not their customer to apply for their funds as well.

Some energy suppliers who provide grants and funds for customers

British Gas
Get information here: British Gas Energy Trust Grants.

More information here: Npower Energy Fund.

Get more information here: E.ON Energy Fund.

Scottish Power
Scottish Power Hardship Fund, go here: Scottish Power Hardship Fund.

If you are a SSE customers, go here: SSE info page.

Octopus Energy
For support for Octopus Energy customers, go here: Octopus Energy info page.

For more information, go here: OVO Energy Fund.

Go here, for information: EDF Debt Advice.

DWP Help With Energy Bill

The DWP have support that you might be qualified to get. They have teh Winter Fuel Payment, Cold Weather Payment and Warm Home Discount.

Winter Fuel Payment
If you were were born before 26th September 1955, you can get from £100 to £300 towards your energy bill. You don’t need to apply for this, it will be paid automatically to you. For more details, go here: Winter Fuel Payment.

Winter Fuel Payment
If you were born before 26th September 1955, you can get from £100 to £300 towards your energy bill. You don’t need to apply for this, it will be paid automatically to you. For more information, go here: Winter Fuel Payment.

Cold Weather Payment
If the weather in your are is recorded to be zero or below for 7 days in a row, then you will get £25. Each time this occurs, between the start of November and the end of March, you will get an instalment of £25. Get more information, here: Cold Weather Payment.

Warm Home Discount
People who are on a low income or Pension Credit can get £140 installment if they qualify. Get more information, here: Warm Home Discount.

Help Paying Bills With Your Benefit Payment

People who are on Universal Credit or Income-based Jobseekers Allowance, Income Support, Income-related Employment and Support Allowance or Pension Credit, can take some money from their benefits and put it towards their energy bill. This will be done automatically for you. As at your Job Centre Plus. To find your nearest Job Centre Plus, go here: You Local Job Centre Plus.

Get advice from these organisations

If you need advice with your energy bills, contact these organisations.

Citizens Advice
Get more information, here: Citizens Advice.

Money Helper
Get information, here: Money Helper.

Get information, here: Ofgem.

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