Lebara Vs Smarty: What are they offering?

This is a quick review of Lebara and Smarty to compare what they are offering in terms of price and features.

Network Provider

Both Lebara and Smarty are Virtual Network Operators. This means they do not have their own mobile network infrastructure.

Lebara uses Vodafone for its mobile delivery. And, Smarty uses Three for its mobile delivery.


We take a look at the main features of Lebara and Smarty.

Lebara Features

  • You get UK and International minutes.
  • 12 months or 30 Days plan, cancel anytime.
  • There is both 5G and 4G.
  • Tethering.
  • EU Roaming.

SMARTY Features

  • You can cancel your plan anytime.
  • You can get money back for unused data.
  • There is a 10% discount with a Group plan.
  • If you need more data, they have Data add-ons.
  • Unlimited minutes and text.
  • EU Roaming.


There are some great deals from both Lebara and SMARTY.


These are some of the Plans offered by Lebara.

Get DealProvider30-Day PlanDataUKInternational
Get dealLebara£53GB1000 Mins
1000 Texts
100 Mins
Get dealLebara£1015GBUnlimited Mins
Unlimited Texts
100 Mins
Get dealLebara£1530GBUnlimited Mins
Unlimited Texts
100 Mins
Get dealLebara£25UnlimitedUnlimited Mins
Unlimited Texts
100 Mins

Go to Lebara, here: Lebara Mobile.


These are some of the plans offered by SMARTY.

Get dealProviderMonthlyDataCalls, TextContract
Get dealSmarty Mobile£65GBUnlimitedContract free
Get dealSmarty Mobile£824GBUnlimitedContract free
Get dealSmarty Mobile£14200GBUnlimitedContract free
Get dealSmarty Mobile£20UnlimitedUnlimitedContract free

Go to Smarty Mobile, here: Smarty Mobile.


Lebara comes with a 12 months or a 30 Days contract that you can cancel anytime. There is a 10% discount for getting a 12 months contract.

With SMARTY you can cancel your plan anytime.

With Lebara, you can either have a 30-Days contract that you can cancel at anytime or a 12 months contact. If you get a 12 months contract, you will get a 10% discount.

Smarty offers you a monthly contract that you can cancel anytime.


Both Lebara and Smarty allow you to tether your data.

New and Refurbished Phones

Lebara and Smarty only offer SIM only deals. You cannot buy a phone with you plan.

Customer ratings

Lebara is rated 4.5 Stars out of 5 Stars (Excellent).

Smarty is rated 4 Stars out of 5 Stars (Great).

Both Lebara and Smarty customers seem to be happy.


You get good deals with both Lebara and Smarty. If you want international minutes included then Lebara offers that. However, Smarty gives you money back on unused data.

Go to Lebara and SMARTY.

Lebara Deals SMARTY Deals
Go to Lebara DealsGo to SMARTY Deals

Here are a few more providers you might like to consider

Get DealProviderMonthlyDataCalls, TextContract
Get dealVOXI£1020GBUnlimitedNo contract
Get dealSMARTY£14200GBUnlimitedNo contract
Get dealSky Mobile£1625GBUnlimited12 months
Get dealSuperdrug Mobile£1820GBUnlimitedContract free

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