Matalan Reward Card and app: Exclusive offers, sales

If you shop at Matalan, you can get a Matalan Reward Card that they offer. This enables you to get exclusive offers including the chance to swipe and win your basket. You will also get information on upcoming sales.

Matalan Reward Card and App

Matalan is a popular place to shop as they offer a wide category of products including clothing, homeware and more.

And, in addition they offer products at great prices so that you can do your shopping at a competitive price.

If you are shopping at Matalan or will be shopping at Matalan on a frequent level, get yourself a Matalan Reward Card so you can get its benefits.

What is on offer with a Matalan Reward Card?

Here are the benefits of getting a Matalan Rewards Card.

Exclusive deals

If you get the Matalan Reward Card, you will get exclusive offers. You get offers on a monthly basis that are personalised for you. They will give you offers depending on your shopping habit.

Up coming sales

You will get informed about any upcoming sales that Matalan will be having. This means you can be ready for the sale to start and get to know about them before the general public.

Swipe and win

With the Matalan Reward Card, you can win your basket and get your shopping for free (up to the value of £500). You can so this when you shop in the stores or online.

And in addition, you can win prizes like a holiday, a year’s supply of wine and even free gym memberships. Matalan have prize draws every month.

How to get the Matalan Reward Card

You can get the Matalan Reward Card, here: Matalan Reward Card.


Matalan has an App that you can use instead of the Card. You can download the App from Google Play or Apple App Store.


With the Matalan Reward Card or App you can exclusive offers and win prizes. You will also be informed of any upcoming sales at Matalan.

If you shop frequently at Matalan, it is worth getting the Matalan Reward Card or App to get the benefits they offer.

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