Monzo Premium – What’s on offer

Monzo is an app based bank that has three personal accounts to choose from and their Premium Account is the best personal account they offer.

We take a look at the Monzo Premium Metal Card and discuss what is on offer including a free mobile phone insurance.

Monzo Premium Account – Metal Card

The Monzo Premium Account comes as a white stainless steel metal card and it weighs 16g. That is about 3 times the weight of your average card.

There is a fee of £15 per month for the card. In comparison the Monzo Plus Account cost £5 per month. And there is also the Monzo free account available.

We discuss what you get for the extra money you are paying. What extra features are on offer with the Monzo Premium Card.

You can go to Monzo Premium, here: Monzo Premium Account.

Standard banking features

With the Monzo Premium Account, you get all the features of the Free Account and the Monzo Plus Account as well as some extra features.

Here are some of the extra features you get with the Monzo Premium Account.

  • A UK bank account
  • Your Money is protected by FSCS
  • You get fee free UK bank transfers
  • You get instant notifications on transactions
  • Pots for separating money for spending, bills and saving
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • You will get interests on your account
  • Custom categories
  • Virtual cards (to use online)
  • There is a Credit tracker (check your credit score)
  • Advance roundups (round up your spare change)
  • Special Offers
  • Get up to £400 per month of fee free withdrawals abroad

Additional Premium Account metal card features

As well as all the standard features mentioned in the previous list. Monzo Premium also has these additional features.

Phone insurance

With the Monzo Premium card, you will get free phone insurance. This is a good addition to have. Buying phone insurance separately could be something like £4.99 a month or more.

Free Worldwide travel insurance

With Monzo Premium you will also get free worldwide travel insurance for you and your family.

If you are a frequent traveller, this could be a good feature to have. However, we would suggest you check exactly what is on offer before you travel to see if it meets your needs.

Interest on balance and regular Pots

The Monzo Premium also gives you interest of 1.50% / 1.49% AER/Gross on up to £2, 000 on your balance and regular Pots.

Discounted airport lounge access

You will also get discounted airport lounge access for you and your guests with Monzo Premium.

Free withdrawals abroad

With Monzo Premium you can get free withdrawals abroad for up to £600 in every 30 days.

Monzo Premium Review

Free cash deposits

You can also make up to 5 free cash deposits every month. You are able to deposit cash in any PayPoint locations.

Cash back

The Monzo Premium Account also gives you 0.3% cash back on any international transfers.

Monzo Premium

Card wallet

You are able to add all your bank accounts and credit cards onto the Monzo app. This will enable you to get full visibility of all your transactions and balance.

You can also move your money around your accounts with easy bank transfers.


The Monzo Premium Account has a fee of £15 per month. This gives you some additional features.

This includes getting a free phone insurance. You will also get a free worldwide travel insurance for you and your family.

In addition, you can add your bank accounts and credit cards to the Monzo app and have full visibility to your accounts.

Go to Monzo Premium Account, here: Monzo Premium Account.

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