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Revolut is an app based electric bank account, that you can manage your money with. You can do the regular activities such as deposit money, spend money and send money. With Revolut you can also invest your money. In addition, you can get travel deals.

Revolut bank accounts UK

If you are a frequent traveller, you might want to get a revolut account or if you send money abroad often, you might also want an account.

Revolute offers a Personal, Business and Junior Account, as well as additional products and features.


  • Personal Account
  • Joint Accounts
  • Personal Account Features
  • Business Account
  • Business Account Features
  • Junior Account
  • Send and Receive Money
  • Saving Vault
  • Free Tampons
  • Travel Savings and Protection
  • How Does Revolut Protect Your Money
  • Conclusion

Personal Account

A Revolut Personal Account enables you to manage your money including depositing your wages, set up standing orders, make payments for shopping at stores or online. There are a few types of personal account.

Types of Personal Accounts

Revolute has a number of different account for you to choose from. There is a free version as well as paid versions.

  • Standard – Free.
  • Plus – £2.99 per month.
  • Premium – £6.99 per month.
  • Metal – £12.99 per month.
  • Multi-Currency Account.

Personal Account Features

These are some of the features that you get from the Revolut Personal Account.

Features include: (features depends on Type of Personal Account)

  • You can open a free account in minutes.
  • No credit checks.
  • Make payments and receive payments in over over 30 currencies.
  • Split and settle payments with anybody else for bills, even if they are not on Revolut.
  • Early salary – get paid a day early.
  • Get Revolut Card or Metal Card.
  • Tampons – Get free monthly period products with Metal Account.
  • Purchase protection.
  • Save and get interests of up to 0.7% daily.
  • Connect all your accounts from different banks to Revolut.
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Pockets – separate money for bill payments.
  • Budgeting – set limits for spending.

For a Revolut Personal Account, go here: Revolute Personal Account.


Business Account

Revolut has a hassle free business account that you can open quickly and easily. If you are starting out a business, then this could be a good option.

Types of Business Accounts

Here are the different types of business accounts that are available.

  • Free – Free.
  • Grow – £25 per month.
  • Scale – £100 per month.
  • Custom – Get in touch with Revolut for price.

Business Account Features

Features include: (features depends on Type of Business Account)

  • Metal Card.
  • Free international payments.
  • Free local payments.
  • Split and settle payments with anybody else for bills, even if they are not on Revolut.
  • FX (at the interbank rate).
  • Priority 24/7 support.

You can get Revolut Business Account, here: Revolut Business Account.

Junior Account

Revolut also has an account for juniors.

You can get more information, here: Revolute Junior Account.

Send and Receive Money

Revolut has a Multi-Currency Account where you can send and receive money worldwide. You are able to send and receive money in over 30 currencies. They do not charge you any hidden fees.

Revolut Review

In addition, you can also send money instantly for free to people who also have Revolut accounts.

You can get a Multi-Currency Account, here: Revolut Multi-Currency Account.

Saving Vault

With the Revolut Saving Vault, they offer you up to 0.65 annual interest that is paid to you daily.

Interest payments on your savings is only available on the paid plans. They start from £2.99 per month. With the Revolut Saving Vault, you can put away your money for saving and have instant access to it.

Deposits that you make into your Saving Vault is stored with a partner bank that is FSCS protected. This means, it is protected up to £80, 000 from the UK government.

Free Tampons

The Revolut Metal Account enables you to get free period products each month. Revolut has partnered with Yoppie, to provide you with free products period products.

Get more information, here: Metal Card Account.

Make Investments

Revolut enables you to invest in a number of ways. You can buy and deal in stocks and shares and also Crypto Currencies.

Stocks and shares

If you want to invest in global stocks and commodities, you can get started from just £1.

You are able to buy shares in over 800 global companies. You will also be able to get real time updates on your investments so you can check on the performance of your shares.

Crypto Currencies

With Revolut, you can buy and sell Crypto currencies. You can invest in popular Crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum at a click, starting from just £1.

You will get notification to check for your desired prices. You can also send Crypto currencies to people with Revolut Accounts

Your Crypto Currencies are not protected by the FCA.

Travel Savings and Protection

If you are a Revolut Premium customer you can transfer, spend or exchange unlimited amounts of money globally. They offer greater exchange rates, with no added fees.

You can also explore book accommodations worldwide at discounted rates and get cashback.

You are also able to book your travel insurance through Revolut.

How does Revolut secure your money

Revolut is not FSCS protedted. The FSCS protects your money for up to £85, 000, from banking institutions that have failed. Revolut is not a bank so is not FSCS protected.

Revolut is an e-account that holds your money. They partner with institutions that do have FSCS protection.

Get more information, on how Revolut protects your money here: How Revolut Protects Your Money.


The Revolut app bank has a number of accounts and products to enable you to manage your money.

You can open an account easily and quickly and they do not do a credit check. You are also able to send and receive money from abroad.

It is not a bank account, but, you can still do your financial transactions.

In Trustpilot, Revolut is awared 4.4 Stars out of 5 Stars by their customers. This is graded as ‘Excellent‘.

Is Revolut any good?

If you are looking for an additional account to do your transactions then Revolut could be a good choice. Or if you are unable to open a regular bank account, the Revolut could also be an option.

Get a Revolut account, here: Revolut Accounts Website.

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