Shell Broadband Review – Is it any good?

Shell Broadband provides broadband to customers to UK. If you are thinking about getting Shell Broadband, have a look at our quick review.


Shell Broadband took over from Post Office in 2016 and now provides broadband to thousands of customers.

Shell Broadband

With Shell Broadband, you have a 3 choice of broadband to choose from. These are their Standard, Ultrafast and Full Fibre. Here some of the plans you can purchase. The availability will depend on your location and area.

Monthly Contract

Get DealProviderPlanDownload speed (average)Price Per monthContract
Get dealShell BroadbandFast Broadband11Mbps£31.03 £18.99 per month18 months
Get dealShell BroadbandSuperfast Fibre38Mbps£36.99 £21.99 per month18 months
Get dealShell BroadbandUltrafast Fibre145Mbps£50.12 £41.99 per month18 months
Get dealShell BroadbandFull Fibre 900944Mbps£65.24 £45.99 per month18 months

For the full list of Plans, go here: Shell Broadband.

Great Value Broadband

83% of Good Housekeeping surveyed said Shell Broadband offer a great value broadband.


Here are the plans offered by shell Broadband:

  • Standard
  • Ultrafast
  • Full Fibre

Shell Broadband contact number

You can contact Shell Broadband on: 0330 094 5601

Customer rating

There are no reviews for Shell Broadband on Trustpilot. There are mixed reviews on various websites regarding Shell Broadband.


Having taken over from Post Office Broadband in 2016, Shell Broadband offer 3 plans to choose from at varying prices.

Go to Shell Broadband

For the full list of Plans, go here: Shell Broadband.

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