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Before you buy Sky Mobile, take a look at our comprehensive review. Find out what you need to know to help you decide.

About Sky Mobile

Sky Mobile offers you competitive plans with a range of benefits. Here are some of the plans on offer from Sky Mobile.

Get DealProviderMonthlyDataCalls, TextContract
Get dealSky Mobile£84GBUnlimitedMonthly
Get dealSky Mobile£1212GBUnlimitedMonthly
Get dealSky Mobile£1625GBUnlimitedMonthly
Get dealSky Mobile£3060GBUnlimitedMonthly

What network does Sky Mobile use?

Sky Mobile is a virtual network provider and uses the O2 network for it’s mobile phone delivery. The O2 networks covers over 99% of the UK cities and rural areas.

If you are taking out a Sky Mobile phone or contract, check the coverage in your area, here:  Sky Mobile coverage checker.

Tariffs and plans

There are a number of tariffs and plans available from just £6 for 2GB of data and unlimited calls and texts.

Monthly contract with phones

Sky Mobile has a range of monthly contracts with a good selection of phones. You can see their deals, here: Sky phones.

Monthly contract

Sky Mobile’s monthly contract has two options; Swap 12 and Swap 24.

Swap 12

Swap 12 months is a 24 months contract. You are able to swap your phone for a new phone after only 31 days or 12 months at no extra cost.

Swap 24

Swap 24 months is a 36 months contract and you can swap your phone for a new phone after 31 days or 24 months at no extra cost.

4G and 5G

4G coverage is available in 99% of the UK. 5G is being rolled out in the UK and is only available through O2 in certain locations and areas.

Check 5G coverage in your area, here: O2 coverage checker.

Sky Mobile Sim Only

The cheapest Sim Only deal with Sky Mobile starts from £6 for 2MB of data.

Calls and Text

There is unlimited calls and text on all Sky Mobile Sims.


You can buy a variety of data starting from 2MB. You can roll over unused data for up to 3 years.

Take a look at Sky Mobiles Sim Only plans, here: Sky Mobile Sim Only.

Unlimited Streaming

All Sky data bundles gives you unlimited streaming on the Sky App. For Sky TV customers, they are able to download and watch Sky TV offline without using any data.

Changing plans

Sky Mobile allows you to change your plan any time through the My Sky app.

Pay as you go

There is not Pay as you go with Sky Mobile.

Sky Upgrades

With Sky Mobile you can upgrade your phone or tablet: There are a number of ways you can do this.

Change your phone or tablet for a new device
Upgrade your phone or table for a new device and get money off for your old device (if there is any).

Upgrade and keep your old phone or tablet
You can also upgrade and keep your old phone. This way you get to keep both of the device.

Don’t upgrade and send back your phone or tablet
If you don’t want to upgrade with Sky Mobile, just send back your device and get your money of your balance.

For more details on upgrading, go here: Sky Mobile Upgrades.

Want to keep your number

You can keep your number when activating your new Sim or if you change your Sim card. To activate your Sim or to change your Sim go here: Activate your Sim.

Sky Mobile roaming

Sky Roaming Passport
You can roam in over 30 European countries at no extra cost.

Sky Roaming Passport Plus
For 6 for 24 hours usage, with Sky Roaming Passport Plus, you can get your UK calls, text and data in 12 popular countries worldwide.

In addition, use your Sky Mobile in 100 countries worldwide; get more information here: Sky Roaming Passport.

Sky Mobile hotspots

Get access to free Sky Wifi in thousands of locations. For more information go here: Sky Wifi.

Customer service

For Sky Customer Service call: 0333 7591 018

Customer ratings

Sky Mobile gets 1.5 stars from ratings by customers on Trustpilot, which is ‘bad’.


You get low prices with Sky Mobile, such as a Sim only for £6 that comes with unlimited minutes and text. Customer reviews are not very good, but you do get low prices as mentioned. And, if you are a Sky TV customer, you are able to stream Sky TV for free via the

Sky Shop

Go to Sky Mobile Shop here: Sky Mobile Shop.

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