Superdrug mobile – Get money back for your plan: is it any good?

If you are thinking of purchasing Superdrug SIM only plan, take a look at our quick review to help you decided. We also tell you about getting your money back for your plan.

Superdrug Mobile has a SIM only deal of 5GB of data, with unlimited UK calls and texts for only £10. If you want unlimited data, then you can get unlimited data, with unlimited UK calls and texts for £20.

These are all the data plans available from Superdrug Mobile Sim only.

Get dealProviderMonthlyDataCalls, TextContractGet deal
Get dealSuperdrug Mobile£105GBUnlimitedContract freeGet deal
Get dealSuperdrug Mobile£1515GBUnlimitedContract freeGet deal
Get dealSuperdrug Mobile£1820GBUnlimitedContract freeGet deal
Get dealSuperdrug Mobile£20UnlimitedUnlimitedContract freeGet deal

What network does Superdrug Mobile use?

Superdrug uses the Three network infrastructure for its mobile delivery. Three covers 99.8% of the Population in the UK.

If you are going to buy the a Superdrug Mobile SIM, you should check out the coverage in your area. Three network go, here: Superdrug mobile coverage checker.

Sim Only Plans

There are no data caps or any speed restrictions with a Superdrug SIM only plan. All the plans with unlimited data, unlimited calls and text.

Their cheapest plan starts at E10 for 5GB of data and their most expensive plan is £20 for unlimited data.

Get information on all their plans, here: Superdrug Mobile Plans.

Cancel contract anytime

Superdrug does not do a credit check for you to get a SIM only deal and you can cancel you plan at any time.

Your unused data will get rolled over to the next month for you to use.

Superdrug Mobile activate

If you want to activate your Superdrug Mobile SIM go, here: Superdrug Mobile Activate.

Want to keep your number

With Superdrug Mobile, you can keep your number.

For more information, go here: Keep your number.

Superdrug Mobile Customer service

You can contact Superdrug Mobile customer service, via their ‘Chat Now’.

Customer ratings

Superdrug Mobile gets 4.7 Stars from from 5 Stars from their customers on Trustpilot. This is ‘Excellent’.

Get double points when shopping at Superdrug

If you are with Superdrug Mobile, you will get double points when you are shopping at Superdrug, either in the store or online..

Money back

When you purchase and activate your SIM card, you can get your money back from Superdrug for the cost of your plan back in points on your Health and Beauty Card. (Note: This information was correct at the time of print).


Superdrug offers you a SIM only deal for £10 that comes with 5GB of data. You will also get double points as a Superdrug Mobile customers when shopping in store or online.

Superdrug Mobile is rated 4.7 Stars out of 5 Stars by their customers. That is ‘Excellent’. However, you cannot get 5G at the moment, only 4G.

Superdrug Mobile

Get Superdrug Mobile, here: Superdrug Mobile.

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