Three Broadband: £10 Plan – Is it worth it?

If you are thinking about Three mobile and are undecided, here is some information that could help you decide.

About Three Broadband

Three mobile has over 9.3 million customers and are amongst the biggest providers for broadband and mobile connectivity. They have over 300 stores in the UK.

Three Broadband does not require you to have a landline. So if you don’t require a landline and do not want to pay for landline, Three Broadband is an option.

They offer their 5G Home Broadband on a monthly or a rolling contract, hence, giving you a choice.

Three 5G Broadband

Three Broadband have 2 plans to choose for their broadband. These are the prices for their 5G Broadband. Prices could differ depending on location.

Monthly Contract

Get dealProviderPlanDownload speed (average)Price Per monthContract
Get dealThreeUnlimited Data150Mbps£20 £10 per month24 months
Get dealThreeUnlimited Data150Mbps£24 per monthMonthly contract

Unlimited Broadband

Both plans from Three Home Broadband come with unlimited data so you can indulge in as much internet surfing as you like.


You do not need to have a landline for Three Broadband. This is good for people who do not have a landline connection to their property. Even without a landline, Three Broadband provides you with 150Mbps, so you can have quick downloads.

Upfront Cost

With Three Broadband, you do not have to pay any upfront cost with any plans.

Three Broadband contact number

Contact Three Broadband on: 0333 338 1003

Customer rating

On Trustpilot, Thee Broadband has a customer rating of 1.6 Stars out of 5 Stars.


With Three Broadband, you can have a monthly plan or a monthly plan without a contract. Their Broadband does not require you to have a landline connector to your property.

On Trustpilot their customer service is rated as 1.6 Stars out of 5 Stars, so this needs improving.

However, they do offer a plan without a contract so there is flexibility for you.

Go to Three Broadband, hereThree Home Broadband.

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