Best Unlimited Data Plans – Cheap Unlimited SIM Only UK

If you are after an Unlimited SIM only plan, there are a number of them available. We cover what offers are provided by different providers in the article so you can make an informed choice.

Best unlimited data plan

If you use a lot of data, calls and text then having an Unlimited SIM only plan is a good option. We look at the different offers from companies and their prices.

Unlimited SIM Only Plans For £20 or Less

Here are the Unlimited monthly SIM only plans that are available for £20 or less.

Get DealProviderPriceCalls, Text, DataContract
Get dealID Mobile£16.00Unlimited24 months
Get dealSMARTY£20.00Unlimited1 month
Get dealThree£20.00Unlimited12 months
Get DealAsda Mobile£20.00UnlimitedNo contact

The cheapest Unlimited data available is from ID Mobile. With SMARTY, Three and Asda Mobile offering Unlimited monthly tariffs for £20.00 as the next cheapest.

However, ID Mobile has you on a 24 month and Three has you on a year’s contract.

Unlimited SIM Only Plans From £25 to £26

Get DealProviderPriceCalls, Text, DataContract
Get dealTesco Mobile£25Unlimited24 months
Get DealVirgin Mobile £25Unlimited 24 months
Get dealVodafone £26Unlimited24 months

The mid-range price plans are from £25 to ££26. This is offered by Tesco Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone. And they all have you on a 24 months’ contract.

Unlimited SIM Only Plans From £30 to £35

These are the most expensive plans on the list.

Get DealProviderPriceCalls, Text, DataContract
Get dealO2 Mobile £30Unlimited24 months
Get dealGiffgaff£35Unlimited18 months
Get dealVOXI Mobile£35UnlimitedNo contract
Get dealEE Mobile£35Unlimited24 months

O2 Mobile offers an Unlimited Data plan for £30. Whist all Giffgaff, VOXI Mobile and EE Mobile all offer an Unimitated Data plan for £35.

Choosing The Wright Plan

You need to consider a number of factors when choosing a plan that is wright for you. These include:

  • The cost of the plan
  • Contract length
  • Contract or contract free
  • Choosing a provider that has its own mobile network infrastructure or a Mobile Virtual Network Operator
  • Quality of their customer service

Contract Or Contract Free

Would you like a Unlimited SIM only on a contract or do you prefer not to have a contract so you can cancel anytime you want.

Do you want a contract. If so, what length of contract would you be happy with. Usually the longer the contract, the better value that is offered.

Or would you like a contract free tariff, so you can cancel at anytime.

The VOXI Mobile, Endless data for £35.00, does not have a contract.

Provider With Its Own Mobile Infrastructure Or A Mobile Virtual Network Operator

Would you like a provider with its own mobile network infrastructure or would you like a Mobile Virtual Network Operator who uses another network to deliver its mobile service.

Here are providers that have their own mobile network infrastructure:


List of Providers

Here are links to the websites for the featured providers.

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