Wallis UK – Dresses Up to 80% off sale

Wallis sells a wide range of clothing, beauty and homeware goods. They are an online retailer that are well established.

In their sale, you can find items that are up to 80% off, enabling you to save money.


If you are looking to pick up clothing, beauty or homeware items on the cheap, then see what is available at Wallis.

Women’s Sale

Wallis do affordable and stylish coats, dresses and more. Have a browse and see what’s there at Wallis.

View all Women’s sale.

Wallis Official Site: All Women’s Sale.

Women’s Sale with Discounts

Wallis have their sale by discount so you know how much savings there is. Check out their discounted sale here.

Up to 20% Discount

21% to 30% Discount

31% to 40% Discount

41% to 50%

51% to 60%

61% to 70% Discount

70% or More Discount

Women’s Sale Items by Categories

You can find things quicker by looking for them by categories.

Wallis sale

Here are the categories. We have also provided selection by prices for dresses and coats & Jackets.

Sale Dresses

Sale dresses by price:

£5 – £10

£10 – £15

£15 – £20

£20 – £30

£30 or more
Coats & Jackets

Sale Coats & Jackets by price:

£10 – £15

£15 – £20

£20 – £30

£30 or more
Sale KnitwearSale Boots & Shoes
Sale TopsSale Trousers
Sale PartywearSale Jeans
Sale SkirtsSale Shirts
Sale TailoringSale Leggings & Joggers
Boden clearance stock

Women’s Sale Items by Size

Here we have provided sale items by size, so you can see what is available in your size.

Size 8Size 16
Size 10Size 18
Size 12Size 20
Size 14

Dresses by Colour

You can shop for sale dresses by colour. Sometimes you might be looking for a dress in a particular colour.

Wallis dresses sale

You can look for dresses on sale by colour here.


Beauty Sale at Wallis

Wallis also sell beauty items and some are on sale.

Wallis sale

If you want to buy skincare, perfume or makeup, then have a look at what is on sale at Wallis.

Wallis Official Site: Beauty Sale Online.

Home Sale

If you are shopping for tableware, furniture or cookware, then see the sale available at Wallis.

Wallis Official Site: Home Sale Online.

Additional Information

Money Advice Service
For debt management and advice on how to pay for bills go here: Money Advice Service info page.


Wallis Glossary


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Wallis T-Shirts & Polos
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Boden Blazers and Jackets
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Wallis Gifts for Him

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