Best Cashback Sites UK – Make £100s when shopping online

You could be making £100s when shopping online if you use a cashback site when shopping. That’s extra money, just doing your usual shopping.

In addition to this, using cashback sites will enable you to get coupons and save money through discounts. Some sites also enable you to make additional money by watching videos, listening to music or doing surveys.

Why do cashback sites give you money?

Cashback sites get a percentage of the sale you make from the shop you shop at. And, in return they give you a percentage of that. So they make money and you make money.

What sites can you shop at?

There are thousands of shops that you can shop at including hundreds of top brands. All the brands you would normally shop at, so you are limited. These includes Wilko, Argos and TK MAXX.

When can I collect my cash?

After you have collected a certain amount of money by shopping, you can collect your money as cash. Different cashback sites will have different levels of minimum amount you will have to have before you can withdraw your money.

You can also use your money to pay towards anything you are buying through the site.

List of the best cashback sites

1. TopCashBack

You can join TopCashBack and make savings on thousands of UK brands as well as collecting cashback when shopping online. TopCashBack claim they are the UK’s leading cashback site.

TopCashBack has two memberships, a free and a paid version. The paid version gives you some more benefits and an average of 16% more cashback compared to the free version.

Paid version also has exclusive promotions and competitions. In addition, with the free version you will get 10% pay-out bonus when using Reward Wallet, whilst with you paid version you get 20% pay-out bonus with Reward Wallet.

Join, TopCashBack, here: TopCashBack Membership.

2. Quidco

Quidco claim to have the highest cashback rates. Quidco is a well known brand and they claim to have not hidden charges.

Quidco has given over £500m to their members and have over 10m members in the UK. They say that the average member makes about £300 per year from the site.

They also have over 5000 popular brands that you can shop with.

Join, Quidco, here: Quidco Membership.

3. Swagbucks

If you join Swagbucks, you can make money by shopping with them online. Do you normal shopping and get cashback.

The good thing about Swagbucks is that you can also make extra money £100s per year, by listening to music, playing games and doing surveys.

If you download the free Swagutton, they will let you know if you are on a site that you can collect cashback from or get coupons or even save money when buying products.

Join, Swagbucks, here: Swagbucks Membership.

4. Rakuten UK

You can get cashback through shopping with Rakuten UK as well. They have over 600 shops where you can shop from to get benefits.

With Rakuten you can get extra points with certain shops.

Join, Rakuten UK, here: Rakuten UK Membership.

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