Quidco Review: What is it? What retailers are there?

Quidco is a cashback site and we will be telling you more about them including what they offer and what retailers they are working with.

What is a cashback site?

As you do your normal shopping online, if you do it through a cashback site, you will get a percentage cashback on what you spend.

Cashback sites

This is a smart way to get extra money and savings without having to do an additional work. You just do your normal shopping online through a cashback site and you make and save money.

There are some top retailers that you can shop with like Argos, Amazon and Wilko, so you are not limited in your choice of retailers. In addition, you also get special discounts and savings on products.


Quidco like Topcashback and Swagbucks is the best cashback site in the UK. They have over 10m customers in the UK that use their site to do their shopping and to get cashback. Quidco claim to offer the best rate of cashback.

You can make an average of £300 a year cashback if you are a member and use Quidco to do your shopping.

In addition, you might get special discounts that is available to Quidco members, hence save money on products.

Join, Quidco, here: Quidco Membership.

What retailers are there?

There are over 5000 retailers with Quidco that you can shop with. These include lot of the best, well known brands such as Amazon, Wilko and ASOS.

There are a whole lot of categories that are included for your needs such as electronics, energy suppliers and clothing, so you can get cashback on your shopping.

Look at their full list of retailers on the Quidco site.

For their full list of retailers you can go, here.

How much cashback do you get?

Quidco works with over 500 retailers and each retail offer their own rates for cashback. Quidco always attempts to get the best deals from retailer for their customers.

And, they are always searching for new retailers who give a good rate as cashback.

If Quidco Legit?

Quidco is a legitamate cashback site that is being used by millions of people in the UK. They have a customer rating of 4.4 Stars out f 5 Stars on Trustpilot.

This means they have happy customers who use their site to do their shopping and get cashback.

Join, Quidco, here: Quidco Membership.

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