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If you are thinking about getting a Plusnet Mobile contract. Here are things you need to know to help you decide:

What network does Plusnet Mobile use?

Plusnet Mobile is a virtual network provider, which means it does not have its own network. It uses the EE network infrastructure to deliver its mobile phone service. EE network is available for 90% of UK land coverage, which counts for 99% of the population.

Plusnet Mobile is what is known as a virtual network provider and uses the EE network for it’s mobile delivery. The EE network covers 90% of the UK land and 99% of the UK population.

Check out their coverage in your area, here: Plusnet Coverage Checker.

Monthly Sim Only

You can buy a Plusnet Mobile Sim only deal and it can be bought with various gigabytes of data, minutes and text. If you are a Plusnet broadband customer, you can get an additional 2GB of date for free.

A Plusnet Mobile Sim is on a 30 day rolling contract.

The starting price for a Plusnet Mobile Sim is at £6 per month, and this comes with 4GB of data. And this comes with Unlimited minutes and Unlimited text.

In addition, Plusnet Mobile have won awards for ‘Best Value Pay Monthly‘ and ‘Best Network for Customer Service‘ in 2020.

Here are some plans available from Plusnet Mobile

Get DealProviderMonthlyDataCalls, TextContract
Get DealPlusnet£88GBUnlimited30 day contract
Get DealPlusnet£1015GBUnlimited30 day contract
Get DealPlusnet£1550GBUnlimited30 day contract

Plusnet Mobile’s Best Deals

Before going into more of Plusnet Mobile’s features, here is what Plusnet Mobile consider their best deals: Plusnet Mobile Best Deals.

See the latest Sim only deals from Plustnet Mobile, here: All Packages.

Change plans

There is a 30 day rolling contract with Plusnet Mobile, and you can change your contract after 30 days if you want to.


You are able to buy extra data, minutes or text to a Sim Only plan with Plusnet Mobile’s Bolt-ons. As an example, you can buy 500MB of monthly data for £4 a month. Or for £1.50 you can have an extra 100 call minutes per month.

smart Cap

You can control your monthly spending with a Smart Cap on your Sim plan. You can choose the amount of cap you would like to put on your monthly contract. So example, if you put £10 as you cap, your monthly contract will not go over more than £10. Hence, you will not get a nasty, unexpected bill at the end of the month.

5G network

There is no 5G network at the moment with Plustnet Mobile, only 3G and 4G.

Pay as you go

Plusnet do not do Pay as you go.

Switch to Plusnet

Get details on how to switch over to Plusnet Mobile, here: 3 steps to switching.

Want to keep your number

You can keep your number with Plusnet Mobile. just let them know before you switch over.

Plusnet Hotspots

As BT owns Plusnet, they are using the BT Openzone wireless for the hotspots. So, wherever there are BT Openzone wireless hotspots, you can join. To find a BT Openzone hotspot, go here: Find a hotspot.

Customer Support

For Plusnet Mobile customer service call: 0800 423 0200. Or call 500 from your Plusnet Mobile.

Customer ratings

On Trustpilot, Plusnet gets 1.4 stars from ratings by customers, which is bad. However, Plusnet Mobile have stated on their site that they have won the ‘Best Network for Customers Service’ award in 2020.


Plusnet uses the EE network for its mobile phone deliver, so you will get good quality connections. They also start at £6 for 4GB of data, so giving you a low cost option. However there is no 5G at the moment.

What is Our Rating

We give Plusnet Mobile: 3.4/5


Go to Plusnet Mobile, here: Plusnet Mobile.

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