Smarty Mobile – Money Back for Unused data

If you are thinking about getting a Smarty Sim Only contract and wondering if it is any good. We take a comprehensive look to help you decided:

Here are some of the plans available from Smart Mobile.

Get dealProviderMonthlyDataCalls, TextContract
Get dealSmarty Mobile£64GBUnlimitedContract free
Get dealSmarty Mobile£824GBUnlimitedContract free
Get dealSmarty Mobile£17200GBUnlimitedContract free
Get dealSmarty Mobile£18UnlimitedUnlimitedContract free

Smarty network coverage

Smarty uses the Three network for its mobile delivery. The Three network covers 99% of the UK population in 5G, 4G and 3G coverage.

To check coverage in your area on the Three network go, here: Smarty network coverage.

Sim Only contracts

With Smarty there is only a monthly Sim Only contract available. They do not have the facility for you to purchase a phone with your contract. They have a number of contracts starting from £6 for 4GB of data. Or you can have Unlimited data for £20. Check our all the Smarty data planes, here: Smarty data plans.

What is included in the data plans

These are the standard inclusions with Smarty Mobile.

Minutes and Texts

There is unlimited minutes and texts with all the Smarty data plan.

No Credit Checks

You do not have to go through any credit checks for a Smarty Sim plan.

Wifi calling

Smarty data plan include Wifi calling and texting.

Money back for unused data

If there are any data that is unused from you plan at the end of the month, then you can get money back for it. The remaining data has to be at least a gigabyte.

Data add-ons

If you need more data for the month, then you are able to purchase extra data as an add-on. This data does not expire at anytime. It will stay until you have used it all.

With Smarty you can purchase data as an add-on. The data you purchase, does not expire until it is all used up.

Where to buy top up and add-ons

You can buy data add-ons online through your log-in or at participating PayPoint retailers. You will need to enable this option by login in to your dashboard, then going to your ‘account balance’ and then tapping the ‘top up in store’ option.


With Smarty mobile, you are on a month’s plan and you can cancel your contract at any time.


You can have unrestricted tethering with Smarty mobile.

Group plan

If there is a group of you, for instance members of your family, then you can get a Group plan. This means everybody in the group will get a 10% discount. The maximum people that can be in a group is 8.

5G network

Smarty Mobile does not offer 5G at the moment, only 4G and 3G.

Pay as you go

Smarty do not have a Pay as you go Sim card.

You can Keep your number

Smarty Mobile provides you with the option to keep your existing mobile number.

Customer service

Contact the Smarty accessibility team on: 0333 338 1047.

Another way to contact Smarty Mobile is: 0800 033 8011.

Customer ratings

Smarty gets a rating of 4 Stars from customers on Trustpilot. That is ‘great’. However, there were some complaints about reception from some customers. Check for reception in your area before you buy Smarty.

4 Awards

Smarty has won 4 awards including for ‘Best PAYG Network’ in 2021 and ‘Best Value Sim Only’ in 2020.


Smarty seems to give you good value and they have good reviews on Trustpilot from customers. You can also get money back on any unused data rather than rolling it over. They also have the Group plan if there are a number of you purchasing a Smarty Sim plan.

Our ratings

We give SMARTY Mobile: 3.8/5

Smarty Mobile

Go to Smarty Mobile, here: Smarty Mobile.

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