Review: Protect Your Bubble: Mobile phone and Gadget insurance

Protect Your Bubble offers insurance for mobile phones and gadgets, here is a quick-read review.

Protect your bubble mobile insurance


Protect your Bubble was formed in 2008 to provide insurance cover for mobile phones and gadgets. Since then, they have protected more than 1.5 million devices for their customers in the UK.

They provide world-wide cover, so you can have a peace of mind if you are travelling abroad. They also provide discounts for students and offer discount on insuring multi-devices. In addition, Protect Your Bubble Offers renters insurance for landlords so they can protect their tenants.

You can buy a policy for your gadget, mobile, tablet or compute, online in 3 minutes.

Protect Your Bubble

Main features
* Get unlimited repairs.
* There is a 15% discounts for students.
* Get worldwide cover for theft, damage and mechanical breakdown.
* 2 theft/loss claim per year per gadget.
* Unauthorised network charge of up to £10 000.
* They offer insurance for gadgets and mobile phones.
* You are able to submit claims online.

Go to website, here: Protect Your Bubble Insurance.

What else is included on polices

  • They provide mechanical breakdown cover.
  • You also get drops and accidental damage cover.
  • Liquid damage cover.
  • Theft cover.
  • Worldwide cover.

You are also able to buy loss cover as an optional extra.

How to make a claim

To make a claim you can go to their website. Go here to make a claim: Make a claim.

Customer rating

Protect Your Bubble has a customer rating of 4 Stars from 5 Stars on Trustpilot which is rated as ‘Great’.

Go to website and get insurance, here: Protect Your Bubble Insurance.

More Gadget and Phone Insurance Providers

You can also get mobile phone and gadget insurance from these companies as well.


Main features
* You can ger instant protection and unlimited claims.
* They provide you with full cover includes theft, damage, loss and more.
* Get cover for new and refurbished devices.
* There are personal and business polices available.

Get more information and apply, here: Insurance 2 go Insurance.

Gadget Cover

Main features
* Get theft, accidental damage and liquid damage cover.
* They provide worldwide cover.
* You get Family cover – your insurance cover for your device is extended to your immediate family and partner.
* Personal and business polices available.

Get more information and apply, here: Gadget Cover Insurance.

Loveit Coverit

Features and benefits
* Get unlimited claims and repairs.
* UK-based customer service team.
* You can get policies tailored for your needs.
* There is no minimum contract.

Get more information and apply, here: Love It Cover It Insurance.

Is Mobile Phone and Gadget Insurance Worth It?

Mobile phones and gadgets can be expensive or sometimes you might not have the money to buy a mobile phone or gadget if it got damaged or stolen, so having an insurance cover can be beneficial. Having a mobile phone and gadget insurance can also give you a peace of mind.

But, it will be different for different people, so you have to decide if getting a mobile phone or a gadget insurance is worth it for you.

Which Gadget and Mobile Insurance Is the Best?

No insurance policy or provider is the best for everybody. So, you will have to look at the benefits and drawbacks of different policies and insurance providers and decided the insurance policy that is best for you.

Additional information

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