Switch energy suppliers for a cheaper deal

Switching gas and electric suppliers for cheaper deals could save you lots of money.

When looking for the cheapest deals we recommend looking at quotes from a number of providers.

Here are some providers we have selected.

best energy supplier

Why switch energy supplier?

By switching energy supplier you could be saving hundred of pounds per year. This is especially true when you have come to the end of your contract.

If you do not switch when your contract has ended, the energy provider will likely move you to their standard tariff that is more expensive.

Switch energy supplier

Many people just stay with their supplier and do not switch for better deals due to various factors for years. These people could be paying a substantial more for their energy, if the provider moves their account to their standard tariff.

This means some some people might be paying more for their gas and electric unnecessarily.

Will switching suppliers save you money?

Gas and electricity prices fluctuates due to whole sale prices. By finding a deal that offer you a cheap tariff, will enable you to save money on your energy.

If you are not on a fixed deal or tariff, your prices could fluctuate and the prices could rise.

Do I switch to single or dual energy?

You will have to decided whether to use the same supplier for both your gas and electric. You will have to check what is being offered.

Sometimes, you might get a better deal having different suppliers for you gas and electric. But, this might be more of a hassle dealing with two different suppliers.

Best energy supplier

How to switch suppliers

To switch suppliers we recommend you look at quotes from a number of suppliers. If available, have your energy bill at hand to get a more accurate quote.

Also write down the readings from your gas and electric meters, if possible.

a) Go to an energy switching service or website or the website of an energy supplier such as British Gas.
b) Go onto the energy switching form/widget on their website.
c) Put in the relevant detail and do a search and they will find you deals and quotes for gas / electric from various suppliers.

Various tariff available

Tariff is the charging method used by energy companies to make customers pay for their gas and electricity.

Fixed tariff

With a fix tariff you have an agreed price for gas or electric on contract for a period of time.

Variable tariff

With a variable tariff, the price you pay for gas or electric could either stay the same, go up or come down depending on various factors.

Standard tariff
Standard tariff is the companies regular tariff for customers who are not on any particular tariff.

Dual energy tariff
Dual tariff is when you get your gas and electric from the same supplier. You might get special prices for using the same supplier.

Green energy tariff

Green energy is produced so that it is environmentally friendly. This means it is usually more expensive and you could pay slightly more.

Prepaid meter
With a prepaid meter you will pay for your gas or electric using your card of meter key. This is pay as you go.

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What happens when you switch energy supplier?

You will not notice the changeover, it will be done behind the scenes by the suppliers involved and there should not be any disruptions to your energy supply.

When is the best time to switch energy supplier

The best time for you to switch energy supplier is when your present contract finishes. That way you will not be getting fined for leaving your contract early.

Our selected suppliers


EDF Energy

British Gas

Additional Information

If you are having difficulties paying your energy bills go to Ofgem here: Ofgem.

For free advice debt go to MoneyHelper here: MoneyHelper.

For money advice go to Citizens Advice here: Citizens Advice.

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