Vodafone Mobile Review – Flexible plans £18 for 30GB

This is a comprehensive look at Vodafone mobile plans. If you are thinking about a Vodafone mobile plan, then read this quick-review to help you decide.

Vodafone Mobile offer a number of SIM Only Plan. Here are a few that they offer:

Get DealProviderMonthlyDataCalls, TextContract
Get dealVodafone£1860GBUnlimited24 months
Get dealVodafone£20160GBUnlimited24 months
Get dealVodafone£25UnlimitedUnlimited24 months


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  • Vodafone SIM Only Plans
  • Top up
  • Keep my number
  • SIM swap
  • Vodafone Network coverage checker
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  • Vodafone Mobile Customer service review
  • Vodafone business
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Pay monthly plans

Vodafone offers 3 types of pay monthly plans

Vodafone EVO plans
With the EVO plans you have the flexibility to purchase a phone. You can also trade in your old phone.

Red plans
The Red plans offer unlimited calls and text but not unlimited data.

Unlimited plans
Unlimited data plans offer unlimited data, calls and texts. There are a choice of 3; Unlimited Lite, Unlimited and Unlimited Max.

Here are some phones that are available on the Pay Monthly Plan

Get DealProvider Phone Monthly Contract Upfront cost
Get DealVodafone iPhone 12 Plus 128GB From £39 a month36 months phone plan
24 months 6GB Airtime Plan
Get DealVodafoneSamsung Galaxy S22 128GB From £27 a month36 months phone plan
24 months 6GB Airtime Plan
Get DealVodafoneiPhone 13 128GB£3436 months phone plan
24 months 2GB Airtime Plan

Check out all the latest phones and deals on Vodafone’s pay monthly plans here: Pay monthly plans.

Vodafone SIM only Plans

Here are the SIM only plans with 5G at not extra cost. The Pay Monthly Xtra plans and the Pay as you go SIM.

Pay Monthly Xtra Plans
The monthly Extra Plans can be purchased with Unlimited data. As part of the package you can Roam in up to 83 destinations world-wide. There is an option to include the entertainment add-on as well.

You take a look at Vodafone’s Xtra plans, here: Pay monthly Xtra Plans.

Pay as you go
You can purchase the Vodafone Pay as you go SIM with 30 days data, unlimited minutes and texts. You can also carry over any unused data the following 30 days.

See all their bundles, here: Pay as you go bundles.

How to Top up the Pay as you go SIM Card

You can top up your Pay as you go SIM by:
1) You can top up on the My Vodafone app
2) Top up automatically
3) By phone or text by dialling 2345, free from your Vodafone Pay as you go phone
For more information on Vodafone top up, go here: Vodafone top up.

Keep my number

Vodafone enables you to keep your number. You find all the details, here: Vodafone keep my number.

Sim swap

If you need to swap or SIM or get a replacement, go here for more informationVodafone Sim swap.

Vodafone Network coverage checker

Vodafone mobile covers 99% of the UK population in cities, towns and rural areas. Check the coverage in your area. Check Vodafone coverage, here: Vodafone network status checker.

Vodafone Mobile Customer service number

You can get Vodafone Customer Service on 0333 304 0191

Vodafone Mobile Customer service review

The Vodafone customer service review from Trustpilot is 1.3 stars, which is rated as ‘bad’ in the Trustpilot scorings.

Vodafone business

Vodafone provides business solutions for small, large and public sector business. For more detail regarding their offers, go here: Vodafone Business.

Vodafone App

Vodafone has a App you can download.


Vodafone offers a variety of SIM only deals, phone deals as well as Pay as you go. They provide a good network infrastructure and are amongst the top mobile phone providers in the UK.

Their monthly contracts offer flexible contracts lengths from 12 months to 36 months. You can also trade in your old phone to get a discount.

Our ratings

We give Vodafone Mobile: 4.4/5

Vodafone Shop

Go to Vodafone Mobile Shop hereVodafone Mobile Website.

Additional Information

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